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Truepop - Cocoa & Coffee [Pack of 4]

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Truepops are raw chewables that are made with wholesome, simple and high-quality organic ingredients like Cashews, Dates, Coconut flakes and Almonds. These bite-sized energy balls are packed with a multitude of raw, nutrient dense organic superfoods that fuel every cell in your system, resulting in an enhanced performance, be it in sports or at work!

Whoever said that healthy foods can’t be delicious has definitely not tried Truepops, which are available in five different flavors you’ll love! These do not contain any added sugar. The sweetness of Truepops is from the natural sugar present in ingredients such as dates. These are a great replacement for sugar packed sweets.

We’re focussed on optimal health and we believe that can be achieved through real food and quality supplementation. We not only make the products but have had our own health journeys as well and have formulated these products in conjunction with a team of health professionals.

Each order contains 4 Truepops packs of 60g each (240g).

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