High protein snacks Mango & Ginger

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  • Guilt Free Daily Dessert
  • TRUEPOPS are raw snack balls for energy that are made with wholesome, simple and high-quality ingredients like cashews, dates, coconut flakes, Almonds. TRUEPOPS do not contain any added sugar. The sweetness of TRUEPOPS is from the natural sugar present in ingredients like dates.
  • 4 Pack combo of Mango & Ginger Flavored TRUEPOPS
  • 1pack contains 5 Truepop balls
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High protein snacks Mango & Ginger

  • High protein snacks Mango & Ginger flavoured Detox TRUEPOPS make a great snack. Eat TRUEPOPS when you have a sugar craving. Not only will you avoid the empty calories of sugary treats you will nourish your body with nutrition packed ingredients. Ditch sugary candy for the healthy & nutritious TRUEPOPS.



  • Mango, Ginger, Sunflower Seeds, Cashew, Almonds, Dates, Coconut Flakes


High protein snacks Mango & Ginger’s Benefits

  • As a result of daily sweet dish made with real ingredients
  • Likewise superfood nutrition equals strong immunity
  • And also it has no added sugar.
  • Consequently it will help to improve your health.
  • Our true pops are similarly high protein foods.
  • Happy high protein snacks. For happy tummy.
  • Also we can call it as protein chocolate.
  • Regular usage will brings you health & Immunity.


  • Made with only 6 or less easy to understand ingredients.
  • TRUE POPS are vegan, organic, gluten-free, non-GMO.
  • Equally important they have no added sugar or preservative.
  • Moreover every single ingredient that is put in TRUEPOPS serves a purpose and does a job for your body.
  • In the same way our energy balls are jam packed with a number of raw, nutrient dense organic superfoods that boost every cell in your system, resulting in super performance nutrition.
  • Easy-to-open packaging and a soft, chewable texture lets you focus on performance.
  • A candy which brings you Protein & Immunity.


Suggested use

  • TRUEPOPS are everyday sweet dish
  • In fact TRUEPOPS are great for the office, on-the-go, between meals
  • When having sweet craving or just anytime when wanting to blowout.
  • Pre-workout energy snack and Post-workout recovery
  • Instead of junk foods, having true pops will enrich your health
  • Using in the intervals make our day energetic.

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