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Our Vision to high protein vegetarian food

Urbana Superfoods is an artisan quality superfoods company on a mission to generate wide awareness & appreciation in high protein vegetarian food  (for healthy & nutritious food). We aim to become one of India’s top 10 food companies Not only but also to provide unadulterated, nutritious and natural foods that nourish people and provides socio-economic opportunities to farmers of Himalayan regions through fare trade practices.

Meet the Founder

Bharat Budhiraja

For somebody who has done graduation and post-graduation from UK and US respectively, it is uncommon to see such a person return to India to work with a start-up. But this is exactly what Bharat did; he preferred to join an MIT, Boston incubated start-up in India – his reason was simple – working with MIT alumni would give him a learning experience that would hold him in very good stead in his life. So, he joined Promethean Power.

Starts From:

Bharath went to rural village in UP as soon as he landed in Delhi. For 2.5 Bharat travelled to the remotest villages across India working with farmers and selling the product of Promethean.

Start Up:

After leaving Promethean,Bharath started his own venture. And set up North India’s first vertical hydroponic farm. The farm was ready to yield when an unfortunate fire incident burnt it down to cinders. That was the turning point to farmland farming since it was not possible to set up another such unit due to high costs.


Being very health conscious, He decided to focus on making healthy, unadulterated and natural foods. To reach the people by understand and appreciate the benefits of such foods. He launched company ‘Urbana Superfoods’ where Superfoods is not just for foods with high nutrient value but also foods that are super in quality and benefits. Which is equally important to vision.

Our Farming Practices for high protein vegetarian food

In our endeavour to provide food with maximum nutritional value and free from chemical components which is  dangerous to humans & nature. So we practise organic farming. To reach our goal to provide high protein vegetarian food.

Our agricultural approach advices the non-usage of industrial pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers, clones, GMOs, chemical medications, hormones, growth-boosters, etc.

We follow four principles in our farming approach:

Health on high protein vegetarian food:

The principle of health in farming, suggests to avoid dangerous chemicals leaving poisonous residues. This chemicals are have a negative impact on multiple levels, affecting microscopic soil organisms, crops, animals, and humans.


Hence the principle of ecology in farming involves utilizing environmentally friendly techniques like the ones fostering soil quality (preventing depletion, erosion, degradation) or eliminating nature pollution. It also means providing favourable living conditions for all ecosystem members since they are closely interconnect. We use integrated pest management for pest prevention.


Also going beyond just fair pay. We strive to support the farmers in various ways. We strive for ensuring a liveable wage for the farmer, support gender equity and work towards ending child labour and discrimination.


The principle of care in agriculture encourages sparing consumption of resources with future generations and nature in mind. We are applying traditional methods of the pre-chemical era to eliminate the use of environmentally harmful components.

high protein vegetarian food
high protein vegetarian food
high protein vegetarian food

Kale- Farms to You

Kale is one of our most loved products. Here we explain how the “queen of greens” are reaching you. We keep our process simple to minimise nutritional loss.

Step 1:

  • For the planting of Kale  the land is first prepped, plouged the soil & removed any weeds from the field.  Then soil is supplemented with natural manure.
  • Nursery raised seedings are then planted in the land leaving adequate spacing for their proper growth.
  • Thereafter newly planted Kale is regularly watered & weeds are manually removed.

Step 2:

  • Once the Kale plant matures, the farmer plucks the Kale leaf.
  • Additionally the Kale freshly plucked leaves are thoroughly washed multiple times to remove any dust/soil residue.
  • Then farmers will remove the mid-rib of every leaf.
Step 3:
  • Then each farmer brings their kale  produce for the day to our collection centre. The collected leaf is then allowed to rest for a few hours to let them dry.
  • Then the leaves are evenly spread on trays & freeze dried. Once the Kale is dehydrated it is sent to our facility to powder it.
Step 4:
  • Once the Kale is powdered, it is sieved multiple times to remove any pieces of kale which are not finely powdered.
  • And that is how you will get 100 % pure unadulterated kale powder.
Step 5:
  • Most of the green powders are adding the emulsifiers to their mix to make it easy to mix with water. We do NOT add any emulsifier, colour or preservatives. Consequently our Kale powder is 100% Pure
  • Enjoy the benefits of this beautiful vegetable by adding it to your daily diet. Its rich in Vitamin A, C, K & multiple minerals such as Calcium, Iron, Potassium
  • Kale can be added to smoothies, Dal, Parathas, Idly/Dosa, Baked foods such as muffins, sprinkled on pasta, Salads, Stir fry, as a soup thickener, for dips and much more.
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